Wednesday, November 23, 2011

welcome to Venture Into Retailing!

Yes, this is the official first post of the official Venture Into Retailing: Midwest Retail blog, and I'll be doing many more from here on out. This of course will be about past and present retail-related stuff, malls, shopping centers, defunct chains, retail chains that merged, etc. throughout the Midwest, and I'll also accept Northern Plains stuff too, including if it's in the western part of any of those states). I first considered this idea about a year or 2 ago, and even came up with this name, but really laziness was the only reason I had not gotten around to getting this blog up, till now.

Ultimately, I'd like to have decent coverage of all Midwest and Northern Plains states(North Dakota to Kansas), but I know they'll be some states that I probably won't get to for a great while(namely the Plains states), and/or cities(i.e. Des Plaines, Omaha, Fort Wayne, etc.) I wouldn't mind visiting down the road. Because of that reason, I will do some occasional guest writer/submission entries about malls and shopping centers in states I may have difficulty getting to in the immediate future(i.e. the western parts of Iowa and Minnesota, most of Missouri, etc). If you have a Midwest shopping center or mall that you are particularly interested in doing a guest entry for(yes it can be any mall/shopping center you want, as long as it's in the Midwest or Northern Plains. THINK like how a guest entry on the retail blog LiveMalls usually looks like, though I'll probably accept them too if they are just in the style of an email to, email me at

That said, I will be doing a lot more stuff here soon. Stay tuned, and feel free to follow this blog if you want.